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Anderson Park and the Importance of Photographs

May 20, 2011

I had the incredible honor of photographing a beautiful family last Thursday at Anderson Park. A dad, a mom, three kids, their spouses, and four grandchildren (of which the three babies are all the same age). I asked if all three siblings planned to have their babies at the same time, and the amazing part is that there was no planning. And yet these three baby cousins were all born within a month of each other. Some might call it coincidence; I just call it providence. You see, I knew going into this session that Melinda (the Mom and Grandma) was very sick. What I didn’t realize is that her time remaining here would be very short. I received the call on Saturday morning that this wonderful woman had said good-bye to this world. I’m so happy she got to meet those three babies. And that I was able to photograph their family, one more time.

Photographs are more than just inked paper or a files on the computer. When houses burn down, the family always longs for the pictures they lost. Why? Because photographs are slices of history. They fill in the gaps of our fragile memories and allow us to remember.

To the B family: thank you for allowing me a few precious minutes to photograph you all. I hope these photographs bring comfort and joy.

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